A How to Lose Weight Plan – Three Latest Weight Loss News Briefs To Promote Weight Loss

Researchers have just uncovered a link between the hormone melatonin and a positive effect on weight loss and heart health. A natural human hormone that helps regulate sleep and acts as a powerful antioxidant, melatonin has recently been found in animal studies to help control weight gain. The hormone also has positive benefits for normalizing blood lipids and seems to have a protective effect on the heart. Researchers say that human studies are needed to see if melatonin may help control obesity and the heart health risks associated with it.
Melatonin is found naturally in some foods including almonds (well known for their heart healthy benefits) and some red wine grapes. Long thought to occur only in mammals, the hormone has only recently been found in plants.
Next, everyone has heard of internal training. Interval training, along with healthy eating, has recently been found to be more successful than other exercise programs combined with diet when it comes to losing weight. Characterized by bursts of intensive exercise, interval training is believed to boost the metabolism making weight loss quicker and easier. The trick with interval training is to intersperse high intensity exercise with more moderate periods of exercise that function as recovery time.
Some trainers believe that more calories are burned and more fat lost than with conventional exercise. Everyone is looking for the fastest, easiest way to accomplish weight loss and interval training seems to fill this niche. It is believed that by boosting the metabolism, fat burning continues even after the exercise is finished.
Interval training can be incorporated into many types of cardio-workouts like running or cycling. There is a lot of hype surrounding interval training, but studies are showing that it not only helps burn calories more effectively than traditional exercise, but may also have real benefits for athletes.
Last, hot spices are great for you! Spicy, hot red peppers have been touted as a diet aid for quite some time and now a study confirms that moderate use of hot pepper can actually curb the appetite, meaning you’ll eat fewer calories and speed weight loss. Long thought to help boost the metabolism, giving you more energy and burning more calories, this study shows that this tasty spice can actually reduce hunger and increase calories burned.
Although, adding cayenne to your meals may not be the sole solution to the rising obesity epidemic, it is a simple addition to the diet. When combined with other techniques and healthy dieting, cayenne could play a role in promoting successful weight loss. As with most things, don’t overdo it. Just use moderate amount of this powerful spice!