Battling Anorexia

So how would you define sexy? In the easiest term, sexy is being thin. You may agree with me or not but this is true. Nowadays, being fat is one of the dreaded conditions of women because it is believed to degrade one’s aesthetic value. It is perceived that one has lesser chance of being married to her ideal guy if she is fat. If you are in teenage years, being fat is a big no-no for a prom queen or cheerleader. Post-partum women as well as working girls face daily stress that make them have lower self-esteem and be conscious of their images. These reasons probably gave birth to various weight loss procedures including self-starvation, different types of exercises and diet modifications.
One controversial issue is being anorexic that affects people regardless of age, social status and lifestyle. You can find the latest news regarding anorexia with celebrities, teens and even mothers. So what is anorexia in the first place? Anorexia or not wanting to eat anything will literally deprive the body of its essential energy source that is, food. Death is somewhat associated with this kind of psychological problem. An anorexic person can be distinguished by having virtually skin and bones as well as irritated behaviour and weakness. To be able to win this kind of battle, one must recognize that the obsessive compulsive behaviour paired with this eating disorder will just make a person lose her own happiness in deteriorating body condition.
The recovery is not easy but willpower and awareness are vital points. If you are suffering from anorexia, you can opt for psychotherapy with professional help. This way, you can regain your self-esteem and fight the main cause of the problem. If you are a mother, get motivated in rearing a child in lactation as it will push you to be healthier. You can also consult a nutritionist to modify your diet as to gradually achieve a better weight. Lastly, surround yourself with trusted friends and family that will join you as you fight everyday for a better life.