Be Eco-Responsible and Protect the Environment

The adoption and application of certain technologies is leading to the damage of our Earth as a whole. Non-recyclable and hazardous substances are being used for a range of general household and industrial purposes. In order to protect environment from the dangerous effects of these products, we should make use of eco-friendly products in place of them. It is the duty of every citizen to be aware of the effects of pollution, rampant use of natural resources, and other activities that are meant to hurt environment. It is essential for every person to be eco-responsible being a part for maintaining a healthy and green environment.
How to be Eco-Responsible?
You can maintain an eco-friendly environment by reducing waste, reusing, and recycling products. Follow some of these tips.
•Reduction of Waste
Promotion of awareness among people to reduce the wastage is a primary step. Ensure that you purchase any product based on the amount you need to avoid disposal of extra waste. When you need certain items for a temporary use, instead of buying new ones, borrow them from your friends or neighbors. Replacing use of paper towels and napkins with cloth ones is helpful for waste management. Try to avoid creating trash like unnecessary plastic utensils and straws wherever possible. It is better to buy products with least amount of packaging. Avoiding even a little bit of trash may be helpful for reducing the wastes.
The most beneficial part of eco-responsibility is to reuse certain products instead of purchasing new ones. Replace your disposable products with reusable products including food and beverage containers, plates, razors, towels, diapers, and so on. Old household items such as furniture, clothes, dishes, sports equipment, electronics, business attire and so on can be donated to charity. Make reuse of envelopes, the front of gift cards (as postcards), wrapping paper and other paper materials for different purposes wherever possible. You can reuse the plastic bags by washing them in a washing machine or with a wooden bag dryer. Purchase rechargeable batteries that can be reused. These days, solar powered battery recharges are available.
Make use of recycling bins for each type of recycled products. They are placed at convenient locations in home or garage. Find the sources and places where cardboard, scrap metal, glass, paper products, ink cartridges, tires, athletic shoes and other things are recycled. Give all your items at those places for recycling. Make use of natural fertilizers instead of chemical ones. Hazardous wastes including building materials, household cleaners, pesticides, and some automotive products should be placed in specific bins.
In addition to following these steps, here are some tips for making your home more ecologically responsible.
Make use of natural sources of energy for ecologically responsible homes. Geothermal or solar heating sources are the best ones.
•Follow some energy-saving tips. You can use programmable thermostats and turn down the heat when you are not at home.
•Rain barrels can be installed to collect rainwater for watering your lawn and garden.
•You can decorate your home with eco-friendly objects and furniture. Instead of plastic tables and wall units, purchase tables made of renewable sources such as teak.
•Green building materials can be used for construction. They are helpful in reducing the environmental impact associated with extraction, processing and transportation of traditional materials.
•Make use of eco-friendly bags made of jute and other natural materials instead of plastic.
Certain educational programs have to be arranged to make people aware of environmentally friendly products. Devastating effects of pollution and others can be reduced only if every person becomes eco-responsible. It is to be known that your healthy future is based on you deeds. So go green and make a habit of using eco-friendly products.