Cbcashgrenade – What’s It About?

You’ll probably start hearing about it starting the 4th of November.
In case you don’t know what CB cash grenade is, it’s a training course including 15 video tutorials, PDF transcripts, some really killer bonuses, and in these 15 videos there is training for people that are just beginning, all the way to people that are advanced markers.
This training is set up to help people to get traffic to Click Bank offers, but these tactics can be used for many other type of offers.
I personally have went through the videos and the bonuses, and honestly I need to tell you just one of the tactics in one of these videos is worth much more or than the price of the whole course.
They are revealing a little known tactic for getting traffic through G-mail that I’ve known about but never really knew exactly how to do a properly, but now due this course this one tactic alone will make me a ton of money this year, and it can for you.
I know you’re gonna see a lot of hype during this launch, but please don’t let that stop you if you’re serious about an online business, because honestly I’m here to let you know this program is well worth the price, honestly it’s worth much more than what there charging.
Let me give you a general breakdown of what you’re going to get.
Its over 3 and a half hours of video training, these videos take you by the hand and show you step by step how to do it and they don’t leave anything out.
1. The first video is an introduction video, it is an informative overview of the complete system and what it’s going to show you and teach you, and when you see the list, I think you will be excited like I was.
2. The second video covers about marketing in today’s Internet, most people are still trying to do affiliate marketing the same old way and do not know that most things on the Internet change so quickly, and most people don’t realize the trend that’s coming and changing the way marketing is being done.
It also is going to go into how Marketing Works, who the big players of are, and what’s changing and what to expect in the future. You’ll have a better understanding in marketing theory and practice once you see this second video of the course.
3. Video three talks about how to setup the groundwork for your entire online business; This is much more than a business plan, it will help you organize your life and such way that you will become organized and highly effective.
This video is going to talk about how the find your freedom number, this is the number you need to live the lifestyle you want, and this breaks it down into how to do it.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ve seen this before, I’ve seen similar things that are not even close to the detail, and this will open your mind’s eye and give you direction.
4. Video number four is titled how to uncover explosive markets, this video will go behind the scenes to look into your competitors ad campaign and using another tool they will show you, you’ll learn how to cut those corners with the best results saving more time and money, you’ll be able to jump into a market much quicker. This is keyword research and more like no one has ever shown you.
If you ever wondered how what to sell? What is the product that’s gonna work for you? Then this video will get you past that stumbling block.
5. Video number five is going to show you additional tricks for picking the best high paying products it will show you how to read the stats that Click bank and show you what you can and can’t know from looking at those stats, it’s also going to show you how to put it all together to pick out your final two most perfect products to sell.