What design should I choose so that the house is cheap to build and maintain?

Classic shape, gabled roof, and small footprint guarantee minimal costs associated with implementing the project. Modern architectural solutions allow building a house that will perfectly fit into any environment, and finishing details of the elevation will give the investment a unique character.

Cheap construction

If we want to make as many savings as possible, it is worth considering construction using the economic system. Knowledge-based on other Investors’ experience will allow us to carry out many finishing works on our own. The money saved in this way will undoubtedly be noticeable in the construction budget.

To make sure that we choose a house project that meets our requirements in terms of visual and financial aspects, we can base our estimates on cost estimates provided by the studio. By combining knowledge about professionals’ prices and generally available material prices, we can quite accurately estimate the real cost of construction.

The elements that characterise construction projects cheap in construction are the uncomplicated body and the simplest possible roof construction with a small area. Numerous balconies and large glazed areas, where windows will have to be custom-made, may also turn out to be expensive to finish.

Cheap maintenance

Preconstruction & PlanningRunning costs of the house will be generated mainly by the heating system. This is why the choice of heating type is critical. Savings are connected with limiting the system’s degree of operation because electric or gas heating, which practically does not need the Investor’s involvement during the heating season, cannot be counted among the cheapest solutions. In the UK, solid fuel boilers are still unrivalled in terms of operating costs. When choosing a type of boiler, it is worth to analyse a more expensive offer ensuring higher efficiency of the system operation and at least slightly reduce the scale of the problem related to the necessity of continually adding fuel to the combustion chamber. The economic process also means properly constructed insulation. Minimising heat losses related to thermal bridges or high-quality windows will undoubtedly contribute to keeping heating costs at a minimum.

Energy obtained from renewable sources allowing for heating of domestic water without generating additional costs is certainly another saving at the house operation level. However, it significantly increases the cost of the investment itself. The purchase of a heat pump or the installation of photovoltaic panels is still significant financial challenges for investors trying to conduct the construction most economically.

The construction of an energy-saving house is certainly not the cheapest, but it offers specific opportunities to obtain subsidies for the project. This is undoubtedly significant facilitation for investors who want to combine savings related to the house’s construction and exploitation. The most important thing is a thorough analysis and a sensible approach to the offered solutions, thanks to which we will be able to assess whether a given investment at the construction stage will pay off over time in the form of savings.