Choosing and buying windows – how to do it?

Building a house, renovating and buying other pieces of equipment is a difficult and very stressful process. It raises many problems, and at the same time requires a lot of knowledge. Recently, however, a new solution to this problem has emerged.

A number of problems related to buying a window are related to the way they are selected and bought. For those interested, it is a source of long-term stress. Many of them ask themselves: “Couldn’t it be done in an easier way?”, “Why does it take so long?”, “Why can’t I go to the first point of sale and after a while exit with the right windows?”

Thanks to us you can:

  • compare window prices
  • compare sellers
  • find the windows best suited to the building
  • Share your opinion
  • find the most important information about the window

The platform is therefore designed to simplify the process, which is inherently complicated. You don’t have to search for offers here. Manufacturers and sellers provide them directly.

Why is buying windows so complicated?

Almost every window is made to order. This is due to the specifics of this product and its production. Currently in Poland, especially in the case of family homes, there is no such thing as standard windows.

Standards only have size limits. The area of ​​the glass in all windows should be not less than 10% of the floor area. Therefore, the size of the windows is always closely matched to the size of the room and its function.

Another problem is choosing a window tailored to your needs. It’s harder than it may seem at first. The windows are made of various materials. Currently, the most popular are PVC windows. The traditional design is also gaining popularity, so wooden windows are back.

Windows can also have various functions. Individual models also differ in appearance and accessories. All these parameters affect the price of the window.

There will be more questions soon. Which seller should you choose? Typically, customers visit several outlets before buying windows. Thanks to this they receive many offers.

Unfortunately, they cannot be received on-site – it takes time to make an offer. At the first visit, customers can only view advertising catalogues and leaflets, as well as hear about the benefits of some products. To receive a detailed offer, it is often necessary to visit again.

Further stages involve waiting. You must make an advance payment, wait for the order and the assembly date. At the end, you can sign the delivery and acceptance report if everything is correct.

This is not always the rule. Sometimes the installer teams postpone the deadlines, and after installation, they still have to make corrections. Everything usually lasts 2-3 weeks, and if there are problems – even several months. So it turns out that buying windows is another complicated process that occurs during construction or renovation.

Buying windows over the internet is much simpler and faster than using standard methods. Using a comparison tool, this is done in several steps. Importantly, this does not require the customer to leave the house, make an appointment or special preparation. This significantly distinguishes this method from a traditional visit at the point of sale – triple glazing

Form – A form is available on the site that helps clarify customer requirements. The most important things to know before filling it are the dimensions of the window. You can also attach the building design, in which the dimensions and number of windows are given. A representative of the selected company can also measure window openings or already inserted windows.
Consultant’s phone – A consultant will contact you within 24 hours. It will confirm all the information contained in the form and confirm your data.

This is also the moment when you can ask questions about buying windows.
Transfer of information to producers – All data is analyzed in detail so that it reaches the right producers and points of sale. Thanks to this, the offer is prepared exactly to your requirements. You will also receive an offer from a seller in your area.

Presentation of offers – Within a few days sellers will contact you to present an offer. You can also ask the representative about the details of the offer, specific solutions or specific products. All suggestions are included in the final offer sent to the e-mail address.

Verification – Consultants will contact you again. They check whether sellers have contacted you and that you have received matching offers. If the customer is not satisfied with the offers received, contact to you is forwarded to other producers.