Dating Means Having Fun

There are number of things that we have talked about already when it comes to the dating game. But it must be remembered that after all is said, the most important thing that you have to do, is to have fun. The reason that you are out there exposing your neck, is to receive pleasure and to enjoy your life as much as possible. So don’t forget that dating is not supposed to be a chore.
When you go out there to meet people, you have to enjoy what you are doing. You will be a much better dater if you do it because you love it. People are only good at the things that they love to do. The biggest reason for this is that when they love to do something and are having fun doing it, they are willing to put in all the time in the world to get the best results possible. Think about why it is that you are so good at video games, or riding your bike, or whatever it is that you love to do as a hobby? The reason is that you spend hours doing it. No one has to prod you to hook up and kill aliens for hours; they don’t have to, because you love to do it.
For the same reason, you should date because it’s fun. If it is not fun, then there is something that is bothering you. Look into what that is and change it. Don’t approach dating as a chore or as a frightening thing like cold call sales or something. Do it because you enjoy women and you love to meet them, be with them, etc:)
When you do it because you deeply enjoy it, you bring joy to others. Women will see that you are fun and happy and they will love you for it. Basically what makes you happy, makes the women that you are dating or approaching happy. It sound too good to be true I know, but this is the case. If you don’t believe me, then go out there and try it and see what happens.
Go out there and enjoy yourself. Have fun meeting gorgeous women that give you joy. If you this, you will discover in a very short time that happiness is very contagious.