Details of the Apple iPhone 4G

The Apple iPhone 4G is one of the most pronounced phones from the Apple brand. It is a good option for selling or even buying from second-hand phone markets at a discounted price. Upon first glance, the phone has one of the sleekest exteriors along with dynamic features to match. The flat glass front has a steel band which is stainless. This version of the iPhone is much thinner compared to the other versions. It has a thickness of 9.3 mm. For those who invested in a docking station, they might need to purchase another one along with newer accessories.
The phone comes with a high resolution display at 960 X 640. Compared to other phones, the resolution is high enough to produce clear and sharp images. Like most high definition phones, the 4G comes with a pre-installed camera with 5 megapixels. The quality of the camera is higher than most camera phones. Video recording is also possible with a 720 p video at 30 fps. Videos are also recorded with high definition. The internal memory space for the Apple iPhone comes with two options; 16GB and 32GB. If the buyer will be storing a lot of photos and other information, it is best to go with the bigger memory space (32GB). The phone uses a micro SIM card. The iPad also holds an identical processor. Users are able to support up to 3.5G worth of data. Connecting to the Internet is made easy as the iPhone comes with built-in Wi-Fi for wireless connections. Information over the Internet can be transmitted faster with the 802.11n network.
This phone would be a great option for those looking to recycle or cell their phone. Since many people are going ‘green’, there are many websites and companies who accept used phones for recycling or re-selling. Some of these companies who accept used phones will take products that are slightly damaged or broken. Instead of the phone owner spending money to get it fix, they could sell it for a profit. Mobile phones are considered highly valuable, even if they have damage. Most of the time, the companies that purchase used electronics and phones will erase any data on the phone. Owners do not have to worry about their information being stolen or used unethically from new buyers although it is recommended to do this yourself before sending off the phone.
For consumers who are looking to sell their used electronics and/or mobile phones, it is important to make sure the company is certified under the Electronics Recycler’s Pledge of True Stewardship.