Discover the new dimension of windows

Windows larger than previously offered on the market. Even to the height of the entire floor. Without introducing additional divisions, while maintaining a small profile width. Effect? Even more natural light in your home. Thus, the border between its interior and the garden is blurred, which becomes a natural extension of the living room or bedroom. What’s more, REHAU windows are even twice as warm as standard ones.

Modern architecture

Large glazing is a strong trend in joinery. This is not only a solution used for large investments, but also increasingly chosen by individual customers. We want the windows to be really big. Then the house is full of light and opens to the surroundings. After all, panoramic glazing is a hallmark of modern buildings.

Bet on proven solutions

Ten years ago REHAU introduced GENEO window profiles based on a very durable glass fibre composite material. This year it’s time to present the RAU-FIPRO profile reinforced by the X factor. These profiles allow you to create terrace windows and doors up to 2.80 m high, i.e. the height of the entire story. At the same time, windows made of REHAU profiles are very narrow, which gives the facade lightness, and this is possible thanks to the composite structure. As we mentioned, the material is reinforced with fibreglass, and the material is also light, stiff and very resistant to loads. Due to their properties, such composite materials were first used, e.g. in aviation and high-quality sports equipment – for years you will find them in REHAU windows. In addition, RAU-FIPRO X has the advantage that 90% of all window frames do not require steel reinforcements. For example, up to a height of 2.30 m, you can completely dispense with the use of steel reinforcements in the profiles. It is the internal steel stiffeners that significantly deteriorate the insulation of the frames. Those made of RAU-FIPRO X have a Uw coefficient reduced to just 0.60 W / (m2 • K), while the standard ones are even twice as low (1.20) in this respect. It is worth knowing that at present glass panes are so good that it is the frame that becomes the less energy-saving element of the window.

The excellent rigidity of composite profiles means that even large windows can be glazed with very heavy two-chamber (with three panes) glazing. The combination of very warm frames and good glazing means that REHAU windows have been certified by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt. Modern windows allow you to reduce heat leakage by as much as ¾ compared to those installed several years ago. And warm windows are above all lower heating bills. Even more so if the glazing area is large. In turn, provided that the windows are on a well-sunny facade, large glazing with good insulation allows you to use free solar energy for heating the interior, even on clear winter days. Such a design is one of the basic assumptions of passive construction.

Choose from a wide range of products

REHAU windows are a purchase for years. You don’t have to renew, paint or preserve them in any particular way. Just regular, regular washing. They are available in many colours, thanks to which we perfectly match their appearance to the colour and style of the facade. But that’s not all. Window profiles are also available with aluminium KALEIDO COVER covers. Thanks to them, the windows will gain an elegant appearance of aluminium profiles. And if we decide on anthracite-coloured profiles, the illusion will be complete also after opening the window. For those who appreciate the natural look, but at the same time appreciate the advantages and durability of modern materials, KALEIDO WOODEC veneers were created. The frames not only look like made of natural wood, but they are also so to the touch. With a delicate, matte surface and structure. So we have the advantages of wood, without its disadvantages.