Do Good Anyway

We live our lives not to please others; we live our lives to please God. Although our lives are not just ours alone but for others, it is not them who determine the pace or the direction of my life. They can only do that when I allow them to do so. Just like things beyond me, they can only happen if God allows them to happen in my life. You will see that as much as we live to do well to others, at times our efforts are not applauded, there is heavy criticism and our good deeds can be rejected and thrown back in our face.
It is never easy to be the best we can. As humans we are our own greatest obstacle. The treatment we get at times makes us want to stop or quit, unfortunately that is not the answer. There is a saying which says do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. This was said by Jesus and He had seen the problem we have as humans. Some have called it PHD, the pull her (him) down syndrome; it affects us all as we seem to marvel in the misery of others.
What I like about the capabilities we humans have is resilience. Despite all obstacles, despite all challenges we can soldier on to conquer. So when we do certain deeds to others we should not stop when faced with an ungrateful person. Do not be weary of doing good deeds; time will come for you to reap. Our limitations are not final, they are temporary.
There is a very common poem by the late Mother Theresa which says the good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow, do good anyway. She goes on describing how whatever you do or say there are always people despising you. She says continue the good deeds because at the final analysis it is between you and God. It was never about you and the others; it is between you and your Father, Lord Almighty.
My brothers and my sisters remember when you do good, it is your account that is enlarged, not just the person you have done something too. The Lord rewards such and He gives more abundantly. After all He has sent us on a mission to spread Good News and part of that spreading news is by doing the good.