Do You Know That Being Confident Affects Other People?

And not just being confident–some other human emotions also. And why is that, you ask– it’s because we as human beings normally take in some of the emotions of people we’re in contact with or those whom we saw. After that, we experience a change in our own mood though you know that nothing major good/bad has occurred to you, in reality.
Let’s may feel bad after watching a sad movie or watching tragic news. You may feel giddy in love all over again while watching a romantic movie. Why oh why do you feel these way? It’s because at some point in you life, you experienced the same thing the character conveys the moment that scene rolls onscreen. Emotions are transferred to various individuals we come in contact with.
Speaking of which, it reminds me of the title of this article; have you noticed that when you come across or converse with some of the socially-at-ease and confident people you know, what do you feel? Yes, I agree with you–they transfer their self-assured aura to us, hence, enabling us to feel relaxed, assured and at ease also.
On the other hand, anxious and ill-at-ease people convey and give off an equally uneasy environment around them.
Definitely, being confident helps a lot in boosting your charisma since you not only make yourself comfortable, but others also. So the next time you’re pressured in making a big impression on others the first time, just think that you can fake being confident!
Instead of putting the pressure on yourself alone, think like you want to make others comfortable in your presence, so what do you do? You act as if you’re already comfortable in your own skin, so that it simply shows and flows naturally!