Executive Protection – Airport Assessment of Kaduna Airport Nigeria

Airfield Data. The airport is capable of handling a Gulfstream V business jet aircraft. Take off distance is 5,150 feet and landing distance is 2,770 feet the common style used by senior corporate executives, VIPs, the rich and famous.
Rescue and Fire Services. The practices of rescue and fire services at the airport are at International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and requirements for aerodrome rescue and fire services. This includes the minimum number of rescue and fire service vehicles, water and foam capacities, and minimum dry chemical powder. Rescue and fire service personnel and vehicles can reach the end of each runway has to be achieved in a response time of two minutes, and any part of the movement area has to be achieved in a response time not exceeding three minutes.
Airport Fencing. The perimeter fence is 7 feet tall with barbed wire overhang, clear-zones are kept moderately free of obstacles, topographic features, vegetation.
Airport Security Force. The airport utilizes a combination of military, police and civilian guards. Made up of moderately trained personnel and equipment that provide moderate security capabilities.
Airport Entry Control Points. Walk-through metal detector, x-ray machine, bag hand search area and personal search area, the level of effort provided is moderate at best.
Criminal Status. There is a high level of crime throughout the country, including armed robbery, hostage taking and violent assault. Criminal activity has reportedly increased in Abuja.
Areas to Avoid. The outskirts and surrounding areas are classified as dangerous. Remain under the radar and stay within the main tourist district of the capital of Abuja. Avoid the Rocks and Hills of Abuja after dark due to criminal activity in the area. Another attraction to avoid after dark in the city is the Minister’s Hill, located in the outskirts of the city due to armed robbery and violent assaults occurring often.
Terrorism Status. There is credible information on high activity indicative of Muslim fundamentalist and/or domestic terrorist operations within the geographical location. Visiting senior corporate executives, VIPs, the rich and famous are encouraged to exercise awareness of suspicious persons, vehicles, and activities to lower threat levels.
List of Active Terrorist Groups. Iduwini Youths, Hisba, Odua Peoples’ Congress, Movement for Democracy and Development (MDD), and Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND).
Recommended Hotels. There are no hotels available in this area that meet our minimum security requirements.
Assessment Results. Kaduna Airport Nigeria and the capital of Abuja involves potential high risks that may be difficult to overcome with certainty (criminality and/or insurgent). Consult your professional executive protection (EP) provider to assist in the mitigation process. Keep safe and God Speed.