Face Lift – Exploring the Different Types of This Procedure

If your skin has begun to sag or show visible signs of aging then you may decide it is time to have a face lift. The technical term for this is a rhytidectomy. Let us begin by looking at the full procedure.
This is also sometimes referred to as the traditional method. It is also known in the world of plastic surgeons as the SMAC lift. The letters stand for superficial musculo-aponeurotic system.
The full lift is most often sought out by females who are 55 years and older who have skin that is loose and sagging on their faces and necks. Soft tissues tend to loosen and fall because of gravity as a person gets on in years.
A longer incision is needed for this surgery which is different than some of the other types; however a surgeon who is very skilled at his technique can make it look as inconspicuous as possible.
The traditional full method tightens the underlying muscles and should take you back in time approximately 15 years. While this surgical method is not done as often as it once was, the patients who have it are generally very pleased with the end result. Please note that a modification to the full rhytidectomy is a procedure known as the deep plane one.
The mini lift uses smaller incisions than the full one does and it tends to be less invasive and boasts a shorter recuperation period. For this reason it is very popular, especially among women in their early to middle 40’s who are just starting to notice the signs of aging on their faces. However, this makes it more difficult for the doctor to dissect skin and tissues as extensively as can be done with the traditional surgical procedure.
That is why the best candidates are women who have good elasticity and not too much wrinkled skin or loose skin. This procedure helps to stop aging in its track before it starts to become very obvious to you and to the world!
The mini uses many different techniques. One of the most often used is the S-lift. In this, the incision is such that it is made in the shape of the letter “S”. This procedure is best for patients who have skin that is mildly loose in the area of their jawline.
There is also a procedure known as the modified lift. This is a good choice for someone who requires more work than a mini but less than a full. While similar in nature to the mini, the incision will need to be extended behind the ear and in some cases an incision must be made under the chin as well.