Fear of Terror and the Upcoming ICC World Cup

In latest cricket news, ICC and the organizing bodies of Indian Sub-Continent are ready to cope with the expected terrorism in the upcoming World Cup 2011 but still the terror threat over looms the most awaited cricket event.
The fearless attack on the Sri-Lankan team in 2009 has proven the weak security arrangements by the Pakistani Law enforcement agencies. This unfortunate event shifted the hosting of World Cup to the rest of the three countries as Pakistan had been fallen out of the venue. Players from Sri Lankan team were injured in this unfortunate event.
Moreover, it has been planned out to move the championship to Australia/New Zealand, if in any case some uneven incident of terrorism occurs during this mega event of cricket. The same has been confirmed by the cricket board of the New Zealand (focused in the latest cricket news and all sporting news).
Definitely it would be an unfortunate event for South Asians as this mega event is retuning back here after 15 years. India, Sri-Lanka and Pakistan had co-hosted the 1996 World Cup. Similarly in the 1996, Australian team refused to visit Sri Lanka due to possible terror threat and insurgency in the country.
The Indian cricket which generates 75% of the international revenue of the cricket, may suffer by terrorism.
Now all sporting news are focused on the security agencies of South Asia, as all three nations are assuring security to all cricket teams are a huge number of fanship around the globe. On the same time the cricket board of the said nations are propagating for the event and assuring the maximum protection of the teams and their followers.
Similarly, in India Pakistani players were not selected in IPL as the owner received a lot of threats from the Indian militant organization and a right wing political party, Shiv Sena. In the same fashion the Aussies were also withdrawn from the IPL due to same reason.
The security risk is increasing day by day as the event is approaching South Asia. Organizers and security agencies are trying to make it smooth but there are certain chances of possible terror attacks on the much awaited Cricket World Cup.
Speculations have been made out that it would be very difficult to control such situation if some awful incident occurs during this World Cup. Transferring the event to any other destination would not white wash the red blots of blood out of this magnificent event.
No doubt Cricket is not the only game on planet which has been victimized by terrorism. In the month of January, a gunman opened fire on the Togo national football squad at the venue of Africa Cup of Nations where three persons were killed and many were injured.
Cricket is the cheapest, most accessible and enjoyable way of entertainment here in South Asia and terrorist organizations always hit such events and venues where a huge number of people can be targeted easily.