Film News: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One

November brings with it the first part of a movie series finale that looks set to do great box office numbers and bring to an end a story that millions have been following worldwide since back in 2001. But now the first film reviews are out there, what can people expect from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One?
It’s almost ten years since moviegoers were introduced to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, a boy who had been forced to grow up under the iron fist of his wicked auntie and uncle following the mysterious death of his parents at an early age. Young Harry soon becomes aware, however, that there is much more to life outside the door of his bedroom under the stairs when he is contacted by a strange visitor who brings him to Hogwarts, a school for individuals who have been gifted with the power of magic from birth.
As Potter learns more about his abilities, the truth begins to emerge about his parents, the wonderful history of his family and the tragic circumstances under which he was brought into the world. Hunted by the evil Lord Voldemort, the man responsible for his mother and father’s demise, Harry and his friends must stand up to all kinds of threats and finally bring to an end their nemesis’ reign of terror. Having now saved Hogwarts on multiple occasions and learned more about the strength of their otherworldly powers, Harry, Hermione and Ron will now face a challenge so tough that it has to be spread across two movies – the first of which is out now and the second which will arrive next summer.
Early film reviews for this first entry have said that by getting the gang away from their school setting, director David Yates has given the series a new lease of life. One of the criticisms of some of the earlier movies had been that there is so much story to get through, not enough time is spent getting to know the characters, something that others have said is also addressed here thanks to the two-part nature of the chapter. Of course, other reviews have dwelled on the fact that the flick does require some knowledge of what has gone before and as it leads directly to a sequel it fails as a standalone feature, but at this stage, isn’t everyone pretty much up to date on the world of the boy with the lightning-shaped scar?
In any case, there are now a good few film trailers out there for movie-goers to decide if Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One should be on their must see list of blockbusters for 2010.