Food For Thought – Adultery is Easy – True Or False?

Our enemy, Satan has fooled most people into thinking that sexual sin is the easiest thing in the world to commit. Is it not natural, they ask, for even little children to start committing fornication and playing with sexual thrills at an early age? No. However common such practices may be, they are not “natural.” Only where the light of the gospel of Christ is hidden is it possible for children to fall into ways so contrary to God’s love for them. Teaching fear and terror will not keep a child from sexual sin, but the clear true gospel of God’s love revealed in a savior who died to redeem him will do it. It works! “The gospel of the power of God unto salvation to every one that believes” (Romans 1:16), and little children are ready to believe.
No, it is not “easy” for men and women or youth to commit sexual sin, because they must beat back all the waves of grace and mercy that the Holy spirit of God rolls upon them before they can proceed in the path of transgression. Sex without love is not “easy,” for it is actually a form of spiritual suicide. Is suicide ever easy for a sane, healthy, happy human being? Transgression of the divine commandments against fornication and adultery systematically destroys one’s happiness, which is our very life. The Lord loves us so much that He will send His Holy spirit to resist us in our suicidal purposes, and make it hard for us to destroy ourselves.
The Bible and traditional religions agree in one very vital point: God made the first man and woman to enjoy each other in a pure and happy life-long love. They also agree that man lost his happiness through sin. But from that point on they disagree as to how that pure happiness can be recovered, and they even disagree as to whether or not it can be recovered, The popular idea is that the “paradise” of happy sexual love is lost forever; but the Bible teaches the “good news” that happy marriage now is possible.
In order words, the gospel is unfailing good news, and worldly tradition is the bad news that you can never really be as happy as God intended you to be. Many people prefer the bad news to the good! The result: Fornication; adultery; prostitution; plenty of marital unhappiness and quarreling thrown in for those who try marriage; and sometimes polygamy. But sexual sin becomes possible only when people disbelieve the “good news” of God’s word.
God intended sex to fill the world with life-long joy. But wrong man-woman relationships fill the world with sorrow. Why has something so wonderful become so full of misery and pain?