Format For Writing a Newspaper Article – How to Write News Copies

News articles are written using the same old format. This format is very effective in making sure that readers (who are pressed for time) would get the information they need ASAP.
1. Killer headlines. Every news copy must start with a killer headline. In here, you can tell your audience what your story is all about using as few but very effective words. It’s very important to make sure that your headlines are very powerful. Remember, your articles will compete for the attention of your readers against other articles that are published on the same page. To make your’s stand out from the crowd, ensure that your headlines are thought-provoking.
2. Inverted pyramid technique. There is no other writing technique that you should use other than this one. Keep in mind that your target readers are pressed for time and most of them do not read news articles in their entirety. So, give them the information that they need to know upfront. You can present supporting details and quotes on your article body.
3. Lead paragraph. This is the most important part of your article. In here, you’re expected to spill out every piece of information about your chosen story. Tell your readers what happened, how and when it happened, and who are the people involved using as few words as possible. Ensure that you do not use fillers or fluffs. Your readers will most likely to appreciate you more if you just tell them the information they need upfront. Anticipate all the questions that they might have and make sure that you provide the best answer for each of them.