Format For Writing a Newspaper Article – Simple Format to Follow in Writing News Articles

The good thing about writing articles for newspapers is that the guidelines and format are clearly defined. As long as you know the general structure, you’ll never go wrong. Here’s the format to follow:
1. Enticing headlines. The first thing that you need to focus on is to write headlines that will capture the attention of your potential readers. As you need to save some space, it’s important that you make your titles short but very descriptive. Let your readers know what’s in it for them. It will help if you widen your vocabulary and use the most appropriate words that can help your readers get the message that you’re trying to get across.
2. Lead paragraph. This is the most important part of your article. In here, you need to communicate the gist of your story and answer all the possible questions of readers. Tell your audience what happened, the people involved, how and when it happened, and its effect. Your lead paragraph must contain all the information that your readers need to know. These people must be able to understand your main story by just reading this paragraph.
3. Article body. This is where you put all the supporting details and the information that are less important. You can also use this to insert quotes from people who are directly involved and knowledgeable on the topic that you’re writing about.
4. Things to keep in mind: Make sure that you write your articles using formal tone especially if they will be published on broadsheets. Keep them short and concise as much as possible.