Former Philippine President Dodging Media Interviews

What kind of ailment that afflicts former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) that she’s evading media?
So the question is asked: What ails GMA that she is avoiding the media?
Is she afflicted with a terrible disease that she continues to avoid the media like the heydays of her administration? True, she was open to media during her term but sadly it was on her “own terms”.
What media want this time is a free-wheeling tete-a-tete where all inhibitions, cautions, off-the-record remarks, are thrown to the winds. Ergo, the media want not a friendly atmosphere but one that borders on hostility where a no holds-barred session is the order of the day.
What a way to celebrate a fall from the presidential perch.
This peripatetic scenario comes to mind after a recent incident where the former president was practically chased out by pesky media men when she was attending an orientation of neophyte congressmen.
As congresswoman of the second district of Pampanga and a former president at that, she sure was a magnet for media presence.
She did. But sorry for those who think she’s fair game for media interview. What she did was making herself a modern day Houdini to the exasperation of media men in hot pursuit of a hot copy.
Without stating the obvious, the former president is definitely hiding something.
Any politician worth his salt should have been more than happy to entertain media questions if he is not hiding something. In GMA’s case, it’s a catch-me-catch-can situation.
For GMA, where once upon a time she was the most powerful individual in the country for the past nine years, it is indeed unfortunate that in an instance you sulk in whatever corner you can hide to evade media intrusion.
Even during the time when she was wielding the levers of power in Malacanang, she was already considered “media-shy”, a term of derision to presidents who abhorred free-wheeling interviews.
How can a person as powerful as the president can afford to evade media interviews without the usual guided questions?
Mediamen are persistent in seeking news and views. No newsmaker (even Presidents past or present) is so sacred that he is not subjected to thought-provoking questions, nay, even nasty ones.
This is the reason why GMA chooses the better part of discretion in dealing with the persistent media-runaway from them. Grant them an inch of your time and there goes the glory of the world of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
How will Arroyo endure the hounding presence of media, nobody can tell. For as long as she continue on evading them, the more they pursue their target, next time, with ferocious intensity.
Claiming privacy is not an option. The fact that she chose to run for Congress was an indication that she resigned to the fact that she become public property all over again. And as such, always open to public assault courtesy of the intimidating media.