Gaming Growing Up

Well, ever since I can remember I’ve been playing Video Games, before I could read even. I remember a time when I was playing a game on the Sega Megadrive / Genesis (whichever is relevant to your locale) I got to a bonus round and wanted to show my dad how good I was at the game. The name of the game escapes me but I think you played as a dude that kind of looked like Rayman (maybe.) Anyway in this bonus round you tried to score as many points by chucking basketballs through hoops or something like that (it was a long time ago OK!!) Basically I was so young that I couldn’t even read so I ended up pressing the wrong button and cancelling the bonus round resulting in crying like a baby. Sad, sad times.
My point being is that it made me think, in this generation, gaming has become a basic life skill (for myself and probably a lot of you guys too.) It must have made a big impact on my life in my early years, but I can’t specifically point out how it has shaped me. Definitely not in a physical way because I’m not fat (but the same can’t be said for some other writers that i work with.) i obviously spend a lot of time playing video games, reading video game reviews and writing video game reviews. But I’m pretty sure it’s helped me learn and think in certain ways, I’m very logically minded, which I attribute to all the puzzle solving I did playing games as a little boy. And obviously working out how to play games without being able to read (quite the skill, I may add.) I guess playing games also naturally fosters a competitive attitude and always striving to beat people online or improve your own person high scores. I definitely think that with that self-improvement attitude you can apply it to other aspects of your life, but making that transition could be the hard part (because a lot of gamers are lazy!)
I could continue naming various ways in which playing Video Games has impacted my life, but hopefully my point has been made and you can start to think about how it has affected your own life. If you really put some thought into it you may surprise yourself or have some crazy revelation which suddenly causes your life to make perfect sense. Maybe that is slightly ambitious but you never know until you give it some thought.
But as always, your opinions and comments are welcome, so let me know what you think and share your own stories of Gaming Growing Up!