Get the Reviews of Cirgon Encore Digital Media Server

Digital Media servers are fast becoming a necessity rather than being a luxury. With each household continuously adding to their pool of photographs, downloaded music and CDs of favourite movies storing, sorting and accessing them has become a huge problem. If they are allowed to remain in computer, they will eat up the precious disk space. Moreover, you will not be able to enjoy your entertainment devices such as home theatre and music system for which you have invested huge bucks and effort. Hence a digital media server is absolutely essential to set up a central digital centre that can synchronise with your devices and feed them media files whenever you want to enjoy them.
The Cirgon Encore Digital Media Server has soon become the darling of all media server reviews. Experts cannot stop singing praises of its low power consumption and highly user-friendly, Linux-based operating system. While most digital media servers easily consume 80 to 90 watts of power, the consumption of Cirgon Encore is well below 35 watts. The system can store 500 CDs or 30,000 photographs in jpeg format or a combination of the two. It comes with a 33-key remote control that has dedicated functions for viewing and moving the photos and a PLAY button to play all the media files. The only issue that media server reviews mention is the slow speed of copying songs from CD, as it first compresses the audio files in MP3 format so that they do not occupy much space. Digital media can also directly be uploaded through USB flash drives, digital devices such as cameras and camcorders and through network connections.
Encore can easily connect through internet by automatically retrieving the correct IP address and you can also download media files from the World Wide Web. Encore also let you to crop, rotate and edit your digital photos. An interesting feature is that you can also add narration to the photographs using a microphone. Weighing just 9lbs and looking like a normal CD player, it sits comfortably in any area of your house providing complete entertainment. Do check other media server reviews to get more information on this wonderful product.