Give Before You Can Get Dates

Life has a really simple rule; Tit for Tat. Basically what this means is that in order to get something from someone, you have to first be able to give something to them. You will not be able to get things handed to you, this rule is quite obvious and quite simple.
Remember when one of your parents gave you the big speech about how nothing in life is free. They most likely gave you the speech about how you should get off the couch and start to earn your way in life because if you want something, you have to go out there and earn it. Well what they were talking about was this little rule of ‘tit for tat’.
The thing is though, especially in dating and relationships, that you are not supposed to go out there and work until your hands bleed like your dad might have you believe. What you really need to do is to give to others so that they then give to you. You have to help others get what they want so that they are then inclined to help you get what you want.
As a dater there is nothing better than to have a large network of friends that are ready, willing, and able to help you find and get the girl(s) of your dreams. In order to acquire this wonderful resource, what you first need to do is to first be willing to put in the time and effort required to help your friends. Think of it as investing in ‘Karma’ points that you can later redeem to get your friends to help you.
This ‘tit for tat’ business also works when you are already in a relationship with a wonderful person. If you want something from her, you have to be willing to give as much as you are willing to get in return. Some have called it compromise; you give this and she gives that and you settle in a happy medium that is beneficial for both parties. I would recommend that you go beyond this and get proactive by learning to give to your partner whenever the occasion arises. When you can give like this, you will see that your partner will be willing to give to you in return.
Do remember though that it’s supposed to be a fifty/fifty deal. Don’t give more than you get unless you know that your friends or girlfriend will eventually repay you for all your efforts. If you are always giving but are never getting anything in return, then you have to re-evaluate your friendships because it’s possible that you are being taken advantage of.