Go For E-Paper and Save the Environment – Go Green Initiative

Everyone is talking about the environment and when it comes to implementation it becomes very difficult. Do you know why? And the answer is “Our Habits.” Yes, we can save the environment by changing some of our habits.
Do you know that some of our habits can save the environment in some aspects?
If you want to save our environment and ready to change a few habits then continue reading this article.
Do you read the newspaper (Printed) regularly? How many hours you spend to read the newspaper? How much money you spend per month for newspapers? Calculate and be ready with the answers.
Do you want to cut the newspaper’s cost? Sounds good? Yes, you can cut down the newspaper cost without stopping your habit (reading printed newspaper).
When you can read my article that proves that already you have the internet connection and I need not to ask that question again.
Register for e-paper of the newspaper (Printed) which you read regularly. Now a day, most of the publications offer free registration (except a few) to their e-paper.
Imagine if you want to read more news papers then how much it would cost you to subscribe. However, if you register for e-paper (as many as you can) it will cost you nothing. By doing this you can help the publications to reduce the paper and save the environment.
There are many benefits of opting for e-paper and few of them are:
1. 100% Free – You need not to pay.
2. Convenience – You can register for as many as International and National Publications. Imagine if you want to subscribe (Printed version) of those publications how much money you have to spend? And is it possible to subscribe? (I don’t think so). So think about it!
3. Archives – You can save your favorite/preferred news articles and can read whenever you wish to.
There are other benefits of opting for e-paper, but I don’t want to drag this article more as I believe already I conveyed the message.
If 1% of my readers Opt for e-paper and stop printed version of newspaper then the purpose of this article is fulfilled.
*In fact, you can stop printing bills for telephone, credit cards and others.