God Wants You to Be Happy and Whole – Good News

I want to start by saying that right from Bible testimonies and revelations, it is evident that God wants us to be happy and whole. And that should cause us great joy and hope. He wants us to have joy of life, salvation, service, etc., to the fullest. He wants us to enjoy life, our salvation, our worship and service to Him and not to endure or manage it.
When God saw Hagar and Elijah troubled, sad and worried, He went to find out and to change the condition of their lives. He also wants us to be whole. To be whole includes to be healed and healthy in the body without any health trouble at all; to be sound in the mind, heart or spirit. It means to be complete or as expected. That being the case, God will be willing and ready to attend to anything that can facilitate our joy and wholeness, whatever it may be, just for our asking and believing. When we know and believe this blessed truth or glad tiding of great joy and hope, it will affect our lives and attitudes greatly, and positively too. We will know what to do whenever things or situations that affect our joy and wholeness arise. We readily know that God is not behind such and then begin to pray and ask that His will for us should be done.
However, we should recall that God wants us to enjoy the peace He appointed for us. Peace, as we know it today, is the absence of war. People are said to be at peace when they are living in harmony one with another, without quarreling and fighting. Peace, in our context, is a state of mind in which there is no fear, worry or anxiety. Ironically, this peace can be enjoyed even in the face of fierce warfare.
The peace appointed us in Christ comprises joy, rest and tranquility of the mind as a result of reconciliation, first with the Father in heaven and second, with men. In Christ Jesus, it is appointed us to live without fear, worry or anxiety. More often than not, people are filled with fear of one situation or the other: sickness/diseases, death, failure, economic, social and marital problems, etc. Sometimes, the fear is of real issues. At other times, it is based on imaginations or threats. And fear can indeed be tormenting and killing (John 4:18).
To enjoy this peace, as appointed for us by God, the believer in Christ must first and foremost, ensure that he has turned away from all sins, having put all trust in Christ and totally consecrated himself so as to get his heart thoroughly purged of all inbred sin/defilement. Furthermore, he must resolve to know, listen to and bother about nothing else, except what heaven has declared. Again, he must be determined to walk worthy of the calling, worthy of the Lord (Matthew 11:29).
Besides, those who want to enter into the Lord’s rest, have His peace of mind, must be people that fear Him. The fear of the Lord makes one to depart from evil, attracts the presence, power and protection of God, which in turn make for boldness and undauntedness. They that enjoy the peace and tranquility appointed them in the Lord are men of faith (Hebrews 4:23). Faith/trust in the presence/power of God, His righteousness and faithfulness will generate peace and tranquility in a believer’s mind, even in the face of troubles and afflictions.