Golf Articles

Are you looking for quality, informative golf articles that you haven’t read a million times already? Maybe you have been reading your favorite golf magazine for many years and find yourself faced with recycled articles that say the same things over and over.
To remedy this problem, several new golf social networking sites are coming up with a unique collection of golf articles containing the latest golf news and helpful tips for beginners and seasoned players – and everyone in between. In addition to golf articles, many other features make golf social networks worth joining if you are an avid golfer.
Other features include golf course locators, tee time discounts, handicap calculators, online golf groups, PGA Tour news, discussion forums, equipment for buying, selling, or trading, fantasy golf games with prizes, and so much more. Sharing golf news and other related things make this a fun and rewarding experience for golf enthusiasts everywhere.
Besides getting top-notch golf articles that have tips you will actually use, golf social networking sites have some other strong advantages: One is that you can meet up with local people who are looking for a partner for their next tee time. Another is that you can have access to exclusive discounts at local golf courses and country clubs that aren’t publicly announced. Often, you can spend less than you are currently spending while playing more than you ever have. It’s a great idea to join social golf sites not only for the quality news articles and swing tips, but also for the loads of money you can save.
Since this article is mostly about articles in relation to golf, let’s get back to that point. In case you were wondering about some of the articles you can find on a networking site for golfers, here are some of the latest golf article and news publications: An article about the USGA’s decision to ban golf clubs with square grooves, PGA Tour news including Lorena Ochoa’s retirement announcement, and various other LPGA Tour news to coincide with the LPGA Tour this December. Lorena Ochoa’s retirement in particular has been big news and is a very hot topic for golf-themed articles.
Whether you are looking to improve your game or simply get filled in on the latest news in the world of golf, find quality articles on frequently updated golf sites ran by people as passionate as you are. Passion equates to quality – and, therefore, passion is the best thing to look for when searching for a reliable golf article and news source. Usually these coincide with the new golf social sites.