Great Things That Have Happened in Bars

We have an interesting history, and you might be surprised how much of it began in a bar. It would make sense that our history is so intertwined with our lives spent in pubs and taverns around the world. After all, it’s a great place to meet for any reason.
If we have business deals to discuss, conference rooms can help us get set for formal meetings. But, a bar is where all parties can wind down and really get to the heart of the business deal. When we have issues with people, a bar is a great place to get them resolved. Sit down, have a beer, and get it all off your chest. I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times.
Wedding Proposals
Wedding proposals can be really fascinating when someone takes the time to do it right. We’ve all heard of the wedding ring in the champagne glass at dinner. I’ve personally watched a friend of mine take a knee in his favorite bar and propose to his wife.
While I thought it was cool, I have heard some comments that it was cheesy. Then, I heard about how NBA Basketball Star Quentin Richardson proposed to singer Brandy. At a popular nightclub in a L.A., Century Club, Brandy arrived to a rose petal covered theme and Quentin was on one knee.
Of course, the Century Club is a far cry from the small lounge where my friend proposed. But, bars have provided the best backdrop for some of the greatest marriages throughout history. It’s a quaint spot where you will find the greatest supporters.
Huge Announcements
Whenever something huge has happened, we seem to have learned about it in a bar. Of course, there are people at home catching the news. There are people who get word of ear as they’re shopping or visiting a friend. But throughout history as people have stopped into the bar to have a beer, they have heard the biggest news stories of the time.
I can’t help but think that the famous “The Kiss” photo was taken of a sailor who just left a bar. Glenn McDuffie seems to have been widely and expertly identified as the sailor in the photo who grabbed a nurse and planted a kiss on her to celebrate the end of World War II. Edith Shain seems to have been widely accepted as the nurse. McDuffie recounts that he was coming off of the subway. I am just saying that if I know any sailors at all, he heard the news in a bar.
One thing that is not arguable is the day the Boston Red Sox won the World Series in what very well could have been 1912. The Boston Herald headline telling the world who won the World Series was celebrated in a bar. I have tried to find the actual headline, but I remember it reading “We Win!” as I watched that photo infamously appear during the introduction of the award winning show Cheers.
Court House
That’s right! Court has been held in a bar. I’m not sure how many courts around the world have started in a bar. But, I can imagine it’s quite a few.
I know of one courthouse, in fact, when I visited a small town in Maryland called Cumberland. The circuit court on Washington Street is a historical monument. Most of the places in Cumberland are. But, the circuit court has a plaque attached on the outside as you come in the front doors. It reads that the circuit court was actually started in a bar. Then, you look around the rest of Cumberland and realize why. There is a bar on just about every street in town.
The Marine Corps
Tun Tavern is known as the infamous birthplace of the United States Marine Corps. In November 10th, 1775, the Continental Congress decreed that the United States Marine Corps be formed. Captain Samuel Nicholas was appointed as its first commandant and headed to Tun Tavern to attract recruits. He promised signups a small tankard of ale for signing up, and another for recruiting a friend.
Bars have always been in our history. They are the favorite backdrop of many of our movies and television shows. They have been the birthplace of many great ideas. Good friendships have started there, and good relationship have too despite the fact that many people would strongly disagree.