Hate Your Fat Ugly Body? Prove That You Deserve a Nice One

Before I start explaining the exact method I used to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, which I call “MY GREEK DIET”, let me stress a few points which I consider essential knowing before any attempt to lose weight or reshape your body.
There are a few Myths that have been built around weight-loss and the fact that one way or another we all go through this stage at a certain point in our life, helped these myths to get the place of widely accepted mental models which is one of the main reasons why most people fail to reach their ideal weight and stay there. What these Myths have mainly caused is confusion and misinterpretation of facts that are related to proper nutrition and body exercise.
Myth #1: Calories.
Myth #2: Carbs.
Myth #3: Frequency of Meals.
Myth #4: Workout Intensity.
Myth #5: Age Factor.
Supposing that you are healthy, -not undergoing special health conditions- and having already consulted with your physician about your intention to lose weight and the method you’re about to use, here is how I would break down these 5 myths to the extend my Medical Expertise as a Dentist allows that.
Myth #1: Our body is an open system in a constant interaction with its environment. There is no way we can measure the actual energy intake, the energy consumption and the energy output. Even under experimental laboratory conditions, measuring energy in closed systems is next to impossible as Physics Scientists will agree while studying Carnot’s Circle. Therefore it is helpful to know that a certain kind of food comes with a high energy etiquette, but the food’s route through our body, and the amount of released energy are factors we can’t accurately predict and measure because countless parameters must be taken under consideration, and this is practically impossible in an open system.
Myth #2: Carbs just as Proteins, Fats and Minerals, are types of chemical compounds derived from food which may have a certain structure, texture and nature. Our body, needs all types of food in a balanced manner. Most Vitamins are not water soluble, and to get the benefits from them, we must get fats with our diet, preferably the ones that protect our heart and are categorized as un-saturated. Proteins are essential for our health as well amino-acids being the structural blocks of any tissue. Minerals play a very specific regulatory role being the catalysts or the key-substances in various and extremely important chemical reactions in our body’s systems such as neural and cardiovascular. But we shouldn’t condemn carbohydrates (carbs), and try to eradicate them from our diet. Balance is the key. We have to see our nutrition at a macro level, endorsing a healthier lifestyle which is not restricted into one sided approaches and axioms.
Myth #3: We tend to ignore that no matter which “frequency of meals” pattern we are accustomed to, our body is a very sophisticated and high maintenance biochemical factory which works non-stop but as all well organized factories, it has its “shifts” of workers, switching its capacity to the minimum levels during the night, and particularly after sunset. It is not a coincidence that so many ancient civilizations have worshiped the sun as the Life-Giving God. I might paraphrase that title to Life-Preserving God. So, the frequency and quality of meals plays a secondary role to the degree we respect day’s basic periodic schedule.
Myth #4: Since we’re not working out in order to break any world record, it’s not the intensity that matters, but the discipline and the repetitiveness of our workouts. In fact, how well we have managed to incorporate a few simple and easy healthy rituals to our daily routine, plays a significant role to the direction of achieving spectacular results and maintaining our optimum status.
Myth #5: Apart from our neural cells, all the other systems’ cells are renewable throughout our life each type in a certain periodic cycle. For instance, epithelial cells get renewed in 7 to 10 days, while red blood cells take 120 days to be renewed. I once read something amazing which I would like to share with you here. Aging is a pathological state and it happens only if we allow it to and if we submit ourselves to the causes that lead to it. I couldn’t agree more. Our body has tremendous self-repair and renewal mechanisms in place. Of course with time, it gets a bit harder to take proper advantage of them but practicing positive attitudes and actions is a way to keep “aging factor” out of our well being equation.
I really feel great having dethroned these myths, and if you’re ready to hear about my Greek Diet which helped me shed 10 pounds in 10 days, you must keep in mind the following 3 pillars of my METHOD:

Metabolic Rate boost

Muscular Structure

Skin’s Texture

These were my 3 targets and I used a very well balanced diet -based on Greek Salad, virgin olive oil, barley fibres, green tea, fish and grapes- to cleanse my gastrointestinal system and boost my metabolic rate, a set of simple but very effective workouts to tone my muscular structure, and a series of thalassotherapy products along with my massage ball to eliminate cellulitis, stimulate lympho-drainage and improve dramatically my skin’s texture.