Heroes – Let it Bleed – Episode 14 Review

If you watch NBC’s Heroes for the action, “Let it Bleed” isn’t representative of the TV show’s potential. The heroes talk of action over taking action in this episode. Heroes may be building its momentum, as the TV series has done in past seasons. The result could be very intense Heroes episodes later on.
Claire refuses Noah’s offer to take her to Nathan’s wake and asks that he not attend the funeral. She deals with her grief by sharing Nathan stories with Peter, but Peter refuses to participate. Peter later tries to save a hostage situation. He takes a bullet and heals using Claire’s powers.
Noah fends off Edgar’s attack with a Taser. Noah gets to the bottom of Edgar’s story, and they team up to defeat Samuel. Their newfound trust is short-lived. Edgar runs off with the map to the carnival because he believes Noah can’t be trusted to not hurt his carnie family.
Sylar returns to the Carnival, wanting more power. Samuel conjures up an evil sandstorm that eats away at Sylar’s flesh. Samuel later forces Lydia to discover Sylar’s secrets. Sylar adopts Lydia’s powers and reveals she wants to kill Samuel. Lydia counters, revealing Sylar is impotent.
Samuel draws a tattoo on Sylar to see if Sylar’s future is at the Carnival. Sylar’s destiny is connected with Claire. The program ends with him hovering outside her dorm room window, her face tattooed on his arm.
“Let it Bleed” sets up the action for the next Heroes episode.