How to Deal With a Loud Neighbor

Most people don’t like hearing noise when they are trying to rest or concentrate on something. When you have neighbors especially those who are sharing walls with you, noise can become a major problem especially if you are trying to get much needed rest. Learn what you can do to deal with this type of issue.
The first thing that should be done is to talk to the person. Generally speaking one might not be aware of the noise that is being caused or will be somewhat respectful of your attempts to come to them person to person versus getting other people involved.
If you are in an apartment complex, your landlord is the one that is responsible for this issue. Look at your lease agreement for anything that deals with noise levels and times where someone can be noisy. If the neighbor is not abiding by the lease agreement, bring this up to the landlord. Let them know that part of the rent is that the landlord makes these rules apply to everyone so that you get what you are paying for.
In a city environment there are probably some local ordinances that are to be abided by. These will list what types of noise can happen at what parts of the day. Generally speaking loud music at 3 in the morning is not allowed. You can talk to the neighbor about it and at worst case get the police involved.
Inside your bedroom you can also do things like keep the door shut, turn on a fan to cover some of the noise, and even use a pillow to block some of the sound. While this is not ideal it can help.
For those who work at night and must sleep during the day, there is generally very little that can be done since most rules aren’t broken for sound during the day. You will have to ask the neighbors to do their best to be courteous of your situation.