How to Do RapidShare Search Through RapidShare Search Engines?

If you are looking for an easy way to share large files with your friends, RapidShare is one of the best services available out there. In fact, if you’re looking for any information on any subject, there’s a good chance that someone has already uploaded some data on it on RapidShare.
However, the problem many users face is that RapidShare does not have any option for users to search files on it. This is because the website is intended to be a personal file hosting service where you upload your own files and share the download link with the people with whom you wish to share that file. But that doesn’t mean you cannot search for third party files hosted on that website. There are a number of independent third party search engines that can help you do this job quite easily. Here are some of those:
• FilesTube – This search engine is really fast. You just have to key in the name of the topic, and the search engine will bring forth relevant results from RapidShare almost instantaneously. You can set your search options from the dropdown menu next to the search field. This informs the engine on what specific files to search, for example PDF files or MP3 files and what to leave out. You can perform Advanced Search through features such as file size, exact words, and so on. The search results page also offers options such as sorting filters and search suggestions that you can use to further narrow down your search.
• RapidLibrary – The home page of this search engine gives you a list of files that have already been searched by other users. Therefore, if you’re searching for a popular file, you might not even have to search for it. The dropdown box next to the search box offers options such as All Files, Archives, Audio, Video, Docs, Pictures, Applications, CD and DVD to help you refine your search. It also has the usual options to sort the displayed search results alphabetically, as per the file size, etc.
• FileCrop – This search engine also has a list of the most recent file search in the home page. Just like the other engines, it also gives you search filters that help to narrow down your search
• ShareMiner – This search engine is quite user-friendly and searching can begin by browsing through file categories such as games, music, ebooks and so on. The search can be further narrowed down by checking the “Search in Titles” box
Other than these, if you do a search for “Rapidshare Search engines” on Google, you’ll find tons of similar search engines. As you begin to use some of these, you’ll have a better idea of which one suits your purpose better.