How To Get The Best Price When Buying Gold And Silver

If you are like most people, you want to get the best gold and silver prices on your bullion. Beware. There are tons of “teaser prices” out there. You need to know the brokers insider methods to separating you from your dollars before you start to buy.
You should beware of precious metals broker / dealer promotions and gimmicks. Yep, it’s a competitive world out there. The market place is very crowded and competitive. In an effort for some brokers to get noticed and get attention, they come up with goofy promotions and gimmicks. Beware of them. Think.
Recently I saw a lot of TV ads for a large broker touting the benefit that they guarantee to have your gold delivered in ten days. I don’t get it. They have all of these testimonial type people talking about how they love the fact that they can get their gold delivered in ten days. So what? 99% of the people buying are going to hold the physical gold they buy for years to come.
As soon as they get it, they are just going to put it in a safe or safety deposit box and forget about it. I compared their prices and found they were charging a hefty premium for their gold… but hey, you can get it in ten days. For me, I would much rather pay less for my gold, and perhaps wait a bit longer to get it, than over pay for it… just for the privilege of getting it a bit sooner.
When I order a book on Amazon, I can either choose to have it delivered to me with regular shipping for a couple of bucks, or I can choose to pay 5 times that amount and get the book delivered in a day or two. Who cares. Unless I absolutely must have it right away, it’s better to wait a little longer and save the money. I will have the book for a long time. I think it’s better to just save the money and wait a few more days to get the book. Heck, sometimes it takes me forever to get around to reading it anyway.
I saw another broker advertisement the other day saying, “Buy from us and we will give you this free, crummy, cheap little safe”. Really? It was about the size of a softball. How dumb is that. Are people who are smart enough to buy gold in the first place, going to fall from something silly like that? It was like a kid’s safe. It was the kind of thing a kid would put their rock collection in. Are people really going to pay more than they should for their gold, just so they can get that crummy little safe? Really?
Another broker who always advertised that they have “at cost gold prices” was recently offering “free silver” with the purchase of their at-cost gold. Really? So they can sell the gold at their cost… and also afford to give away free silver? Man. How dumb must the general public be? Everything cost money. Do they really expect us to believe that they can afford to run their company, pay huge sums to run those TV ads 24/7 telling us that they sell their gold at cost… AND give you Free silver when you buy their gold that they sell at cost? Really? Pinch me, I must be dreaming. Maybe there is a Santa Claus.
YOU are the one who is paying for these silly promotions. Most likely you are already buying gold and silver for a reason. If you are going to buy, why not get the best price possible and get as much gold and silver as you can for the money, and forget about the stupid rip-off gimmicks. Those are for unwise investors. Serious buyers purchase on price and don’t give silly things like this a second thought.
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