How to Put a Press Clipping on a Website

What do you do on your website when you get great press in a traditional newspaper?
That’s a really good question because journalism and traditional media is undergoing a huge transition, mostly due to the ease of obtaining free news on the web and their advertising revenues lagging due to new free want ads sources like Craigslist. Hence the demise of giant’s like the Boston Globe.
When you are managing a website or posting to a blog you have three choices of how to display your good press.
The News Clipping. Simply cut the article out of the paper and scan it. The digital file can be embedded as an image on a web page or a link to it can be added. But beware. Large news institutions like the New York Times are protective of their copyrighted material and may require you to pay a “use fee” to display the article on your website or blog. One client who got particularly generous press coverage in the NY Times found that there was a steep (close to $1000 per year) fee to display the article and Times logo on their website. The best advice is to check with the publisher to find out what they will allow and what they will charge.
Link to News Site. Another solution is to link directly to news articles on the newspaper’s own website. The pitfall of this strategy is that many newspapers, in order to generate revenue newspapers are only leaving articles accessible to the public for a short time. Using direct links to a news article works well for postings that have short duration like in Twitter, Facebook, and even though blog entries have the possibility to stay online “forever” direct links are OK there too.
Link to Buy. Many newspapers have adopted the strategy to sell their news archive. News archives are searchable online, but you will seldom be able to read the whole article. Archives can be read only after becoming a “member” or opening an “account” with the newspaper. Articles and reprints can be obtained for a fee.
Quote Sparingly. Remember those old reviewer quotes on movie ads? “The best movie of all time….” “…thoroughly enjoyed!” Even if you can’t easily use the whole article pick a short, glowing quote and give the author and publisher just credit!