Imagine a World With Only TV and Internet For Your Information

Most folks, as in 75% of the US population, never reads another book after high school, and that is an ominous statistic when you think about it. If folks do not read, and we have a dummying down effect on our televisions were even the newscasters only run segments for about three minutes each, then not only what are we lowering the attention span of the average human being, but we are polluting their minds with nonsense, not objective information, and we are causing their brains to be less efficient and intelligent just like what occurs with domesticated animals; our house pets.
It is widely known that wild animals are a lot smarter than domesticated animals. This is because they constantly have to think about where they’re going to get their next meal, and they have to be very careful not to be eaten themselves. Our lazy domesticated animals at home such as our cats and dogs don’t have to think about much of anything; everything is provided for them.
Now fast forward to today and we are moving our country towards socialism, something that the progressives say is the future. I say baloney, because socialism doesn’t work, it never has in the past, if we go back to past periods where things didn’t work that is regressive; not progressive.
Imagine a world with only the television and the Internet for all your information? We are getting there. Magazines and Newspapers are dying and most will be all gone within the next 10-years. What if the mail stopped? Some say, we don’t need it today.
Well, all that is happening right now. And we all know that most of what you read on the Internet you can’t believe. And most of what you see on TV is such an abbreviated version of reality, you don’t know if you can believe it or not. It’s never the whole truth, even if it contains portions of the truth within. I want you to think about the future of information, and consider this point.