Internet Marketing News – Warrior Forum Now With Rotating Banner Ads

Leave it to Allen Says to constantly think of new ways to monetize his forum. The man is a marketing genius. If I had half his smarts, I probably wouldn’t even be writing this right now. I’d be on a yacht somewhere soaking up the sun. Anyway, the Warrior Forum now has rotating banner ads. This article is going to give you the not so inside scoop.
One day, I’m browsing through the forum and I see this banner ad at the top. I didn’t pay it much attention because Allen has had these before. But then, after I refreshed the page, I saw another one and then another one. There were a whole slew of these. What was going on? Well, to make a long story short, Allen Says is now offering banner ads to members of the forum. A banner for one day is $100. It’s $2,000 for the whole month.
Okay, not exactly chump change and you’re probably thinking “Is it worth it?” Well, I can’t answer the “is it worth it” question because I haven’t taken the plunge yet. Why? Well, while these banners don’t exactly look like banners (they’re actually picture text ads) they still do have the feel of a banner ad, at least to me. And my personal opinion of banner ads is that marketers, for the most part, are blind to them.
Oddly, from what I hear, there have been quite a few clicks on these banners. So the jury is still out. But the bottom line for you is the answer to that question I asked. “Is it worth it?” More specifically, and to the point, “Should I do it?” Well, it’s your money. I can’t tell you what to do with it. What you MIGHT want to do, if you have a spare $100, is test it out for a day. See what kind of click through rate you get. From that simple and relatively cheap test, you’ll be able to judge whether or not it will be worth it to run it for a few more days.
Other people besides members see these ads. The Warrior Forum gets a TON of traffic. So it is quite conceivable that you’ll be getting clicks from visitors who are not members, never will be members, but are marketers looking for YOUR product. It all comes down to the offer. Give people what they want and you’ll make sales.
Anyway, that’s the latest Internet marketing news. Yeah, leave it to Allen Says to find new ways to monetize that gold mine of a forum.
To YOUR Success,
Steven Wagenheim