Inviting guests to the wedding – how to do it?

The current situation puts in a difficult position not only the young couples who were to say so in the next few weeks. We also receive a lot of inquiries from brides whose wedding date is not at risk at the inbox of Anna Kowalska’s Wedding Emergency. You ask how now, when you can not leave the house to do the formalities, whether you can sign contracts, but we also got a lot of questions about how to invite guests.

Often, Young Couples took advantage of such occasions as, for example, Easter to invite guests to the wedding and the reception. This is not surprising – the whole family in one place, without unnecessary pressure and in a pleasant atmosphere you could share the joyful news with loved ones.

but how to do it, since the meetings are currently strongly inadvisable? Here are some ways:
Inviting guests: call your loved ones

Your closest relatives, parents, grandparents or siblings certainly know about your wedding, so the invitation in their case is rather a formality. Without a doubt, however, you should invite the most important guests to the ceremony by phone. If you have such a possibility, use the video conferencing option on WhatsApp, Skype or Facetime.

A telephone conversation is also a good way to ask selected people to become your witnesses … Although I will write to you about it.
Inviting guests: traditional post office

Many of you have already printed invitations and it is understandable that you do not want them to be wasted. If you can afford it, consider shipping by post or courier. Your loved ones will certainly be pleased when in the box, next to leaflets and bills, they find an invitation to your wedding. However, take into account that the pre-Christmas period is the time of increased work of postmen and couriers and plan the shipment only next week.

Inviting guests: use technology

This point will be used especially for younger guests, who are on the web on a daily basis. Invitations, similar to Save the date, can be sent by email. What’s more, you don’t have to limit yourself to the graphic version – maybe you will prepare recordings? If you have free time, you can even try personalization and prepare a separate, personal clip for each guest. Your loved ones will certainly appreciate your effort and effort.

Remember also that all doubts and questions you can always report through the form in the tab Wedding ambulance. All you have to do is log in to the Wedding Dream APP.

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