Is Domain Flipping the Same As Website Flipping?

I have seen with utmost surprise why people are confused with the difference between domain flipping and website flipping. There is a kind of difference and similarity between the two. But first let us define these two terms and know how to profit from this flipping business.
In clear terms domain flipping is the art of registering a $8-$10 name and thereafter parking it, in the hope of selling off at a much better price, in order words flipping of domains is just as much as buying a and selling it immediately at any price that you feel you can tag to.
That said website flipping is almost the same art except for the fact that this time after registering the name you host with an account and then place content on it. Quite simple isn’t it next you decide to sell such website for a much higher price.
But a lot of folks will ask which is profitable, it all depends on different issues surrounding the product in question, domain flipping is an art and when one flips a domain he gets cash in return, in order words the money gotten is the liquid cash you would have made from your investment. But either way you are bound to making money.
One question you need to ask yourself is how do you get a good name, well for a better keyword analysis of your name you need a software that can help you search for an ideal product name, if you have difficulty in getting one then search for it on web search browsers, remember it pays to making money from either ways.
The tools you need in succeeding in an online business is a computer, an internet connection, and a small amount of money to get started. After awhile you will become a domain flipping or website flipping merchant.