LG GC 900 Viewty II – With Some Surprising Features!

LG has always proved its efficiency in the vast field of mobile phone manufacturing by the introduction of brand new models that fulfill the needs of the mobile users. The product and services from the manufacturer are excellent and the other phones of this series have gained huge popularity in the market. After the huge success of the LG Viewty device LG has introduced a brand new model which is known as LG GC 900 Viewty II.
Design and Looks
The new LG Viewty is a compact and a small device. In size it is 12.4 mm deep which makes this phone the slimmest camera phone with 8 mega pixel camera. It has a touch screen (QVGA TFT) of 3 inches which is enough wide to display the captured photographs. The standard display screen gives the resolution of 800 x 480 pixels through which the movies and images appear clearer and brighter.
This handset has the design of a svelte camera which makes it portable and easy to carry. The new ‘3D S’ class (UI) of the LG Viewty helps in the comfortable operation of the device and is easy to use. On the gadget, there is an onscreen dial which helps in switching short modes and allow the user to take a thumbnail view of the pictures were clicked recently. With the help of the simple movements of the finger, zoom out and in functions can be easily operated. The camera can also be zoomed out or in with the help of multi touch stretching and pinching.
Other Features
Besides the smart looks and compact the LG smart phone has a wide range of features which makes the handset a choice of millions. The most exciting feature is its camera of 8 MP which is encumbered with abundant supplementary features including Kreuznach Schneider lenses. In addition of capturing still pictures, it is also capable of video recording (D1retaining quality of DVD.