Life Is an Adventure

Life is indeed an adventure and more and more I’m discovering that the adventure may feel like a Louis and Clark exhibition, going into unchartered territory, but the territory we are traversing isn’t anything external, it is the human heart. That is why it can be so challenging at times because, just like Louis and Clark, we have no maps and no awareness as to what lies ahead except of course, what our intuition shows us. Thus, it behooves us to get familiar with the intuition and that’s quite a task in itself considering the fact that the intellect has ruled the day for centuries.
Nevertheless, I ask you, are you allowing yourself to feel all your emotions? Are you training your intellect to support your intuition-those knowing urges you get from within to act? And, are you training your intellect to have compassion for all your thought processes? Are you staying in the present moment? Are you even hearing your intuition? Are you being interactive with the life that is showing up right in front of you?
In those moments when you’re struggling with inner conflict, can you in your intellect decide what this means to you; in other words, what is the issue that this person or situation is triggering? And then can you remember where you have within yourself been perpetuating this very activity, or world view, or judgment, criticism, conflict, or whatever it may be? When you can find the compassion for the aspect within you that you saw so clearly being reflected to you by the trigger point, then that power will flow through you-that emotion-you allow it to flow through you without attachment to any meaning. And that flow will influence the manifestations in your life. This is how you create. When your emotions and intellect are all in alignment with your intuition, that is when you are going to create everything you’ve been working hard for, for so long. This is because you are able to communicate with all aspects of yourself and are able to articulate what the needs of each one are. Thus, you are quite comfortable with all aspects of yourself.
So I invite you to dare to let go of attachment or identification to all beliefs systems that define and limit you. There’s nothing wrong with having them but when you forget you’re just playing a game; that you’re just playing a role but are not that role, that’s when suffering begins. Be the love that you are, especially towards all aspects of yourself, and watch how suffering drifts away, replaced by a knowing and fulfillment. This is the invitation that the New Energy brings and it is what indeed makes life quite an adventure.