Link Popularity – 5 Startling Ways to Make Your Website More Attractive to Inbound Links

To increase the link popularity of your website, inbound links play an important role. These links are definitely not going to show up on your website just like that. You will need to use many tools and tactics in order to make your website visible on all the search engines. These tools bring out the startling impact by bringing in more links to your website. To increase the visibility and presence of your business online, here are the five ways through which you could bring the maximum number of inbound links:
1. One of the best ways to attract the inbound links is a blog. By writing valuable and targeted content on a blog and keeping in mind the keywords of a particular niche brings in the best results. Link building through the use of blogs increases the number of subscribers, readers and customers along with raising the link popularity.
2. To make your link popular on the search engines, use the on-page optimization in a proper way in order to bring greater audiences to your website or a blog. For proper optimization, make sure that the keywords and HTML code which you use on your blog and website are valid and not broken.
3. Use the social network sites in order to bring in the traffic and build the popularity of your links. Use the sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Squidoo, etc., which are being browsed by millions of users. The advantage of using the social sites is that you could get the inbound links even while you are sleeping as it does not require you to stay online for a consecutive 72 hours to get traffic.
4. Use the wide number of directories available online for promoting your website hence leading to more inbound links. These directories not only allow the bookmarking in a traditional way but make the pages more optimized by using the keywords categorization as well.
5. One of the most recent methods explored in order to get the maximum number of useful inbound links on your website is through Google News which is proving to be very useful. All you have to do is scroll down on the front page of Google News, click on “About Google News” tab and then add your link in it.
Link popularity might seem a work of sheer patience but if you adopt the above mentioned tactics, the results are going to be fast and lucrative.
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