Making a Guy Fall in Love With You – Unlock His Heart

Is it not every woman’s dream to be able to make the man of her dreams see her in the same way? Take a look at this short poem and try not to say this is exactly how you feel. You are not alone, that is why there are poems like this to begin with and the best news is, you can make a guy fall in love with simply be unlocking the secrets to his heart.
Keeper of the heart, holder of the key:
Keeper of the heart, it is within I long to be.
Me loving you and you loving me,
Keeper of the heart where I long to be
Keepers’ door locked, I have the key_
Unlocked and free to be in love with me.
The keys to unlock his heart:
Have you ever had a set of nesting boxes? Each box contains a box slightly smaller and the precious gift is in the center. You can’t get to the center box any other way except by opening each individual box. Such is the same in gaining entry to a man’s heart although we will refer to each layer as a door with a key for entry to the next.
Let him be a man:
Let him be who he is; the person you are attracted to. If you want him to fall in love with you; you must empower yourself as woman by defining who you are and empower him to be who he is. Men are number one in their own egotistical sense of self and you’re there to acknowledge it with a smile. Men don’t like “needy” woman but an occasional short honey do list is enough to convey you need them.
Don’t compete with him ever on any level unless you’re playing a board game or cards and even then; step on your tongue if you beat him. Encourage him to indulge in things he loves to do. If it is watching sports on TV-fine; make him a snack, bring him a beer but never but never compete with the game. There you have the first key.
He is unique, don’t make comparisons:
Your man is your man, which makes him unique. Some days you may not care about some of these qualities, but you’ll surprisingly pick up the second key if you speak softly, smile, be happy and make no comparisons to anyone. Men want to remain unique and they don’t need to be reminded about things your last guy did or how your friend’s man is. Tell them how special they are and reinforce it with body language and facial expressions. This as well goes for watching TV together or a movie. Don’t make comments that can be misconstrued to a comparison of him in an ill light.
Give him space-don’t nag to find what’s wrong.
Speak softly because a man can’t hear you if you yell. Men as well have selective hearing, learn to love it and they’ll love you. Don’t repeat the same lines; nagging. Ask if there is something wrong twice then drop it and give him space. He’ll talk when he is ready if it was ever an issue to begin with. Respect him and his space; you get another key and with it you’ll gain his respect.
Be lovable, and treat him as you want to be treated and he will fall in love.