Matthew Was the Third Violent Storm to Threaten Belize

Matthew was the third violent storm to threaten Belize this hurricane season. As with earlier storms Alex and Karl, Belize was once again saved from major casualties and loss of life.
Matthew killed 6 people as it blew over Honduras and Nicaragua, with winds of up to 50 m/h. Fortunately, by the time the storm made it to our shores, it had softened to a depression with winds of 35 m/h. Although Matthew was not as violent as anticipated, it did threaten Belize with high winds and torrential rain.
In Belize City, Matthew made its presence known with strong winds and enough rain to flood vulnerable regions. On Saturday, all flights were cancelled at the Municipal Airstrip as sea level rose and water flooded parts of the runway.
B.T.L. Park was completely flooded as the waters raced onto shore. Although Marine Parade Boulevard was secured by a concrete wall, it also had its share of water accumulation, as did nearby Fort Street.
The Foreshore area was under water, but youngsters still made their way through on bikes. Further down, at Southern Foreshore, the water broke violently over the seawall, inducing more serious flooding at the end of the road.
Altogether, it was a really wet Saturday morning, but by the afternoon, a weakened Matthew passed on. The all clear was given at about three o’clock.
Although the tropical storm Matthew softened to a depression over Belizean shores on Saturday but is still anticipated to dump rains over other Central America’s countries