Mercedes Benz to Launch R-Class Luxury MPV

Mercedes Benz has a good market in India. Most of the models launched by Mercedes Benz in India have received good appreciation. Now the luxury brand is launching yet another luxury model – the R-Class Luxury MPV. This R-Class luxury model received a thumbs-up in the International Auto Show held in New York in March 2010.
The Mercedes Benz Saloon offered some styling ideas and the R-Class took shape. This upcoming model will be in the CBU format. No decision has been taken on the pricing of this model.
Dr. Wilfried Aulbur, who is the MD and CEO of Mercedes Benz India, did not give his opinion on this new model. He however said that the Indian market holds a lot of surprises and the company will be up to the task to see to it how these can be explored. The R-Class model is an enhanced one without making too many changes on what the advantage the sedan can offer. This was confirmed by Dr. Thomas Weber himself. Mr. Weber is the member of the Daimler AG Board of Management. This Board of Management works on the Mercedes Benz development.
As most companies are taking the environment and the pollution issue seriously, the Mercedes Benz too is no exception. They too are trying to make the R-C lass one of its classes. For that they adopted the Blue EFFICENCY approach. This will make the R-Class not only economical but also environment friendly too.
The R-Class has been given a complete change both in the interior as well as the exterior. There will be more of interior space due to redesigning. The R-Class comes both in the petrol and diesel models. The Blue EFFICENCY strategy was present in the older versions of the SUVs. However, the R-Class has an added performance which will help in consuming up to 7% lesser fuel. 7.61 liters per 100 KMs is what it will use up. The MB’s R350 CDI 4MATIC has low burning up of fuel like the V8 and V6 models. It uses eight and a half liters per 100 KMs. A top speed of more than 225 KMPH with an acceleration of 0 to 100 KMPH in less than 8 seconds is what R-Class can offer.