Multiple Sclerosis News – Can There Be a New Cure for MS?

Recently, the field of medicine discovered what could be a new way to reverse MS in virtually all patients. Currently, there are a lot of research organizations, looking for new possible ways to treat multiple sclerosis. The new cure was only recently discovered, and it’s clear why – up until now, scientists were looking for a drug, which speeds up nerve impulses, or acts as a replacement for the axon wall, which gets destroyed. The new cure does something completely different – it simply enables your body to repair the damage. Read on to learn more.
A lot of multiple sclerosis news claimed that there might be hope for MS sufferers, but the cure they found was almost always some form of nerve surgery, or DNA replacement surgery. All of those are expensive, and not effective. The only way to effectively reverse the MS, is to ‘tell’ your body to fix it. You body knows how to repair the nerve cells – after all, it has been creating them since you were born. MS does the type of damage, which remains ‘unnoticed’ by the body. If you burn yourself, or hit your thumb with a hammer, a damage to the cells is done. However, your body quickly repairs the damage, and you heal. MS does inflammatory damage to the cells, and achieves pretty much the same outcome. Only in this case – your body does nothing to heal the inflammation, and does not even register it as a problem.
The nerve cells are the smallest cells in the body, and that’s one of the reasons why it is difficult, and very expensive to conduct research in the area of MS. Inflammatory diseases in general, are treated easily, but not when they affect nerve cells, and not when the inflammation does damage, which was considered permanent up until recently. The recent multiple sclerosis news hold promise, and MS will very soon be a thing of the past, much like many other diseases, which were once very wide spread, but now are virtually cured.