NEWS FLASH – Skyrocketing Silver Prices Are Now Higher Than Gold

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Did You Know…

Unlike gold, silver is consumable (i.e., actually used up).

In 1942, the U.S. Government had over 3 billion ounces of silver, but they ran completely out several years ago.

Over 90% of all the silver mined in the past 5,000 years has been used up, and is gone forever.

Right now, there is more than five times as much gold in the known world supply compared to the world supply of silver.

Current world silver demand is around 900 million ounces per year, but the average worldwide production of silver is only 480 million ounces. In other words, we are only producing just over half the silver we use every year.

Gold has been going through roof, but Silver has yet to follow. The Gold/Silver Price Ratio has skewed way out of the historical norm.

The world silver supply is strictly limited and the world demand is growing.

This is the perfect time to buy silver… before the price skyrockets!

If you want to protect your financial future, you need to buy silver now.
Yes, it’s true, silver is actually consumed… used up… gone forever.
World production already can’t keep up with world demand, and the need for silver is growing daily.
So what does the coming “Silver Supply Crisis” mean to you?
Let me answer this way… What happens when you have continually growing demand for anything that has a strictly limited supply?…. The price Skyrockets!
All the gold ever discovered still exists, and we are mining more every month… and the price of gold has risen from under $300 per ounce in Jan 2001 to more than $1,240/ounce in June 2010?
Silver has even more applications than gold, disappears when used for most industrial uses, and production is only half the current yet, silver prices have not kept pace with gold.
Imagine what will happen when silver is no longer available to make batteries, refrigerators, air conditioners, plastics, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and solar cells…
Trust Me You WILL See The Headline:
NEWS FLASH: Silver Now Costs More Than Gold!!!
This means you absolutely Must buy silver now to protect… and dramatically enhance… your financial future!
Experts have stated if you own 1,000 American Silver Eagle coins 15 years from now, you will be absolutely Shocked at what they will be worth!