Nokia 3610 Fold

The market of mobiles is loaded of different kinds of highly featured and innovative inventions. Some of the magnificent handsets possess their own magnetism which is everlasting. The brand new mobile phone Nokia 3610 Fold is one of them. Nokia 3610 fold is a stylish phone with quad band network of GSM. Apart from this, it also has many other useful features:
This handset functions on the Nokia OS platform. It also has a very user friendly interface.
The overall internal memory in the phone is about 30 MB. Nonetheless, the user can extend this memory with the help of a MicroSD memory card.
The device presents huge alternatives for interacting through massages such as SMS, IM, MMS and SMIL. E-mails can also be sent by the user. It uses the protocols of SMTP, IMAP 4 and POP3.
The 3.7V BL 5C battery which has amperage of 1020 mAh is incorporated in the outstanding panel which offers 4.5 hours of talk time whereas in standby mode the gadget can work up to 19 days.
To ensure the personalization of the handset, various kinds of screen savers, wallpapers and themes have been provided under the option of Extras in the mobile phone.
Most significantly, a browser for HTML is also included in the unit that uses the protocol of transmission control for transferring or downloading files or data from the internet. Nevertheless, a web browser of Nokia is also established for the user’s convenience.
The bands of frequency that are sustained by the networks of GSM are GSM 1900, GSM 1800, GSM 900 and GSM 850.
The technologies of data bearer which are integrated in the design are CSD, HSCSD, EGPRS and GPRS.
The list of features does not end here; relatively, the device is outfitted with many more features such as service of multimedia messaging by OMA, flash light, OMA gadget management, management of digital rights and delivery report from DRM. The regional accessibility of the device has been announced in China, Europe, North Africa, India, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.