Personal Attraction

The answer lies in basic human psychology, the core of human to human attraction, understanding that attraction is not a choice. It is a biological trigger that evolved a million years ago to keep the human race alive! This is a survival instinct instilled in us from nature. People could not and can not survive on their own, thus creating a leader in their social group. Leaders are the strongest, most dominant, their responsibility to their group is to protect them and in return they follow. These traits are passed on from generation to generation. The difference now is that the values of a leader have changed from carrying a club, showing physical strength, to money, business savvy and education!
To be a true leader you must be the alpha male or person, this is true in life and in business, with this trait people will want to be around you. I will list some personal trait qualities shared by alphas. Leaders radiate confidence, they know exactly what they want and focus on their goals, they have many personal rules that they follow. They treat themselves and others with respect, protect their loved ones and do what the majority of people are unwilling to do. Alpha leaders do not have a mindset of need, they have an abundance mentality! To sum up this paragraph, the more valuable you become to others, the more people will seek you out, creating a leader!
Many people do not want to lead so they follow as sheep do, that is ok, not everyone should lead. The good news for those that do want to lead is that the skills can be taught and learned. There are books, home study courses, workshops and other means of information, to gain the knowledge required to become the alpha leader. The good news is that you can choose to be a leader or not. Good Day!!