Persuasive Programming

Being persuasive is the only way one can be successful in NLP. Our minds are human computers and easily able to be programmed if known how to do it correctly and the only place to start any NLP programming is by persuasion.
Some would say persuasion is a bad word but it’s not. Persuasion is only having someone believe in what you say or do. Everyone uses persuasion in their everyday life from lawyers, public speakers, news anchors, even parents and teachers. The reason why persuasion is so important is because with out it your subject will not be able to process the positive influences you will place on him or her.
This is why some news stations have better ratings because they understand the art of this type of programming better and utilizes it so that they will get better feed back and results than their competitors. Because if they get better feedback from their viewers the process of programming is a lot easier and simpler.
This ideology has been around for many years and even practiced before the United States was a nation. In the past programming used to be a way for doctors to make patients believe that they were well when actually they weren’t. Before the doctor had the subjects approval of programming he had to persuade him or her which in actuality is nothing more than making some one believe.
With out the art of persuasion the world would be a empty environment full of people who were lost, never forget the human brain is always in need of ideas to program it which is a call for specialist to serve the people with persistent persuasion.