Replacement of locks – only with head, only professional

Contrary to appearances, the topic of lock replacement should be discussed more broadly than just stating? Is it a good idea? Or? I don’t need it? So let’s analyse together when it is worth deciding on such a step, how to approach the purchase of a new lock, and also: is it worthwhile to engage a professional in the entire process, and if so, to what extent.

The right time to replace a lock

Someone might say that there’s always a good time to replace a lock. And this statement is not far from the truth. Everyone has the right to decide on a new lock or at least a new cylinder whenever they want. But does this? Spontaneity?

It’s a good idea to replace a lock after moving into a second-hand flat. Even if you trust the property seller, it’s better to feel that you are the sole owner of the keys, not a third party. Likewise, if you are preparing your own flat for rent. Successive tenants deserve to feel secure. Changing cylinders is good practice and increases the protection of both property and, above all, users of the premises.

Installing a new lock is also the crowning glory of house building or complex flat renovation. Since you are starting all over again, it is good to add to it even a? fresh? Set of keys (unless you opt for the master key solution, but read about it in our other articles with advice).

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Another circumstance? Burglary. Comprehensive lock service after such an event is the duty of a responsible resident. Don’t look at the possible costs. In this case, the most important thing is safety? Your safety and the safety of your loved ones! Similarly, after replacing the door with a new one, it is not worth going back to the old locks. If you want to replace it, replace it? Fully.

There are no 100-per cent solutions.

Perhaps some people will tell you that a new lock is a 100% guarantee of security, but do not believe it. There are no perfect forms of protection. You can only minimise the risks. A new yet modern lock is much more problematic for a possible burglar, but professionals have their ways, they are still improving. Even advanced cameras, sensors or electronic locks are sometimes too weak an obstacle for advanced thieves. But the fact is that a new lock significantly increases the feeling of security in the house, guarantees a higher level of protection. But just not ?100-percent?

OK? But then what to consider when choosing a new lock and its replacement?
Lock selection criteria
Burglary resistance class

Advertising is advertising, but the most important are the objective benefits of a new lock. The top solutions on the market are first tested and thus receive a specialist certification. Independent research institutions, such as the Institute of Precision Mechanics, follow Polish and European standards to adhere to the essential criteria. Before you go out to buy, check what the different burglary resistance classes are. In general: the better the lock, the longer it takes to force it.

Material and price

When you pick a particular lock, be sure to check the manufacturer’s markings? What is it made of? Or maybe there is no such information? The price of the product should depend precisely on the quality of technology and materials used. Sometimes it is worth investing a little more to gain a research-proven class of…


Inseparably connected with the above point is the question of the manufacturer. There is no shortage of reputable brands on the market? Such as GERDA? Whose locks are known not only in the UK? Countries at the forefront of the industry include Germany, the USA or Israel. If you have a moment to think, read on the Internet about a particular manufacturer. What makes it different? Does it offer high-quality locks and door cylinders?

Both for locks and cylinders, it is very important to choose the right dimensions. After all, the mechanism must fit the door you are secure…

Comprehensive locksmith support” offers comprehensive support? As you can see, it is not easy to choose and buy a lock that meets all criteria. After all, we are talking about a rather unpopular and highly specialised subject. Although everyone uses locks, almost no one knows anything about them? Which in itself is not surprising.