Roof windows with accessories

Building a house with an attic is the most popular solution. The choice of such a design usually involves the need to install roof windows in the roof surface. What are the possibilities of choosing the most suitable models today?

Roof windows are today available in a wide range of functional models and construction variants. Therefore, they can be easily adapted to the needs of the residents of the house as well as the architecture of the building. In addition to the windows, suitable mounting accessories are also available, the use of which not only guarantees the correct installation of windows but also improves their thermal insulation properties. An additional convenience are accessories designed to cover the window, the choice of which depends not only on the financial possibilities of the investor but also on their diverse functional qualities.

Construction of a house with an attic – advantages of roof windows

The costs of building a house with roof windows are certainly higher than if we applied vertical glazing. However, building a house using roof windows has become common due to the numerous advantages of such a solution. The advantage of modern roof windows is their functionality and the possibility of much better attic lighting than in the case of horizontal windows. We have windows in various dimensions ranging from those in standard dimensions to unusual panoramic and balcony windows, in which open wings form a balcony. You can also combine windows into sets, which gives the effect of a modern elevation and opens the interior to the surroundings. Modern roof windows allow a better view of the surroundings. We will obtain them using knee windows, roof balconies and balcony windows. Roof windows are also very functional – they can be opened using a handle (one or two) located at the bottom of the window or a handle mounted at the top of the window. This solution greatly facilitates the adjustment of the appropriate model to the function of the room, the degree of roof slope inclination and the height of the knee wall.

Roof windows also belong to energy-saving solutions. Due to modern designs, their thermal insulation parameters are getting better. The heat transfer coefficient of the entire window, which determines its energy efficiency, can even amount to Uw = 0.58W / m2K. They also bring more natural light into the interior, and with it free solar energy, which in the cold months also contributes to lower demand for heating energy. Roof windows are also produced for the purpose of their special purpose, for example, for the bathroom or kitchen and other rooms with increased humidity, special models with the appropriate design are dedicated. Roof windows also give us a sense of security, thanks to the use of safety glass we guarantee that even if the glass breaks down, it will remain stuck together and we will not be exposed to glass splinters.