Samsung M7600 – Music Phone!

Samsung M7600 is a touch screen smart phone with lots of differences and uniqueness in its design and functionality as compare to other recently launched touch screen phones. It is featured by some awesome music features such as DJ application for making the life of its customers more enjoyable and colorful. The oval shape of the mobile phone gives the impression of specially designed for the trendy customers; on the other hand the design also makes the striking difference.
Samsung M7600 – A music Device
The users who have completely tired and tedious of their hectic and regular work schedules and wants a change, Samsung M7600 is the best and foremost choice. The abundance of music features in this mobile phone makes it an ideal alternative or replacement for music lovers. DJ music application is most appealing and enhances the overall music listening experience. The quality and clarity of sound is really unbeatable, one is also free to add some desired effect to augment the sound quality. Moreover, FM radio is also engraved in the unit that augments the amusement feature greatly and keeps the users up to date with current events or news affairs about any field like sports, political and about forthcoming elections. Other best thing about the phone is the integration is of mp3 player which ensures the patrons will always remain fully entertained throughout the day despite of their frantic working environment.
Integrated camera of 3.12 mega pixels allows for recording quality videos at tremendous rate of 15 frames per second. Later, the users can also playback videos in various file formats such as MP4 player, WMV, xviD and DivX player.
Integrated browser of WAP augments the multimedia experience and allows the users to download favorite games, ring tones, screensavers and extremely beautiful wallpapers from internet, apart from internet surfing. The voice dialing service is also equally interesting and significant and enables the users to dial the phone numbers merely by speaking the numbers, thus extremely helpful feature while making calls when driving.